Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I still sleep on my regular pillow while wearing the Mumbani™ Fresh Face pillow?
Absolutely! The Mumbani™ was created for sleep with your favorite pillow. The Mumbani™ Fresh Face pillow is designed to lift your face and neck skin so that it doesn’t compress on your regular pillow, which causes wrinkles and creases.

2. Can I wash my Mumbani™ Cover as well as the insert pillow?
The Mumbani™ Fresh Face cover, can and should be machine or hand washed as needed. Wash them separately.

3. How should I wear the Mumbani™ Fresh Face pillow, over my eyes or on my forehead?
Wear it however you feel most comfortable, knowing that both ways are equally effective.  Remember to adjust the elastic band with sewn on fasteners for maximum comfort.

4. I am not sure I have “Morning Face”, will the Mumbani™ help me?
We can't halt the aging process, but we can slow it down, and sleep is a major factor in how well we age facially.  The Mumbani™ will not only provide plush comfort, but will preserve your skin while you sleep, easing the lines and wrinkles that occur while we sleep.

5. What are some other benefits of the Mumbani™ Fresh face Pillow?
Many clients, including ourselves, say they feel better rested and more energetic after sleeping with the Mumbani™ Fresh Face pillow.

For the added benefit of body and mind relaxation, remove the insert and spray a little bit of lavender scented aromatherapy “pillow mist” on the insert, and reinsert it in the cover. Wear it and relax as you de-stress in your sleep.

6. Proper Usage Instructions:

     1. Place center of Mumbani™ on your forehead and attach fasteners at the back of your head.
     2. Make sure Mumbani™ is comfortable and at a snug fit.
     3. Adjust size as needed and most comfortable.
     4. If you sleep face down on your stomach, do not wear Mumbani™ over your eyes.
     5. If you sleep on your side and use Mumbani™ over your eyes, adjust fasteners for most comfortable fit avoiding pressure on eyes.

7. Return Policy:
We offer a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee (Less S&H).